Weatherization: What are the benefits?

Heating & cooling your home in Bakersfield is a tough job to do. There are many factors to consider to keep your home energy efficient and comfortable. Here are 5 reasons you should weatherize your home.


  • Have you ever wondered why some areas of your home are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter? Why do we sacrifice comfort? Your home is your castle, it’s your safe haven. You want to make sure your family is protected from all harm. So why not have your home inspected? Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make so take pride in your home and make your investment worth every breath of fresh air.

Save Money 

  • Weatherizing your home will put money back in your pocket every month. On average, weatherization helps homeowners reduce their energy consumption by 25% to 30%.  Older homes save even more – around 35% or more!  As utility prices rise, the savings increase.

Better Air Quality

  • Poor air quality can cause long term health problems. For example, asthma and long term use of medical equipment and medications. By addressing your homes indoor air quality you can reduce the contaminants in the air and provide better, breathable air for your family.


  • Whether you’re replacing windows, adding insulation, replacing air conditioning system, weather stripping or any other means of weatherizing, you’re strengthening your home’s bones.  Keeping outside elements out and reducing moisture is a key part to keeping the structural integrity of your home intact. All of this will extend the value of your home and build equity.

Tax Credit, Incentives & Rebates

  • The main benefit of fixing your home is your comfort. The best part of being comfortable is getting rewarded for it. So you spend some money on your largest investment and it pays you back. Now that is worthwhile!

Click the link below for an interactive understanding of home energy savings and benefits.


By: Estela Lopez

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