Making your home more energy efficient

Have you considered how much energy is being wasted? The average air conditioning system is 58% efficient. If you could get the full potential out of your system or at least 90%, why not have an energy audit performed? An energy audit will pinpoint where energy is being lost and how to save money. The average home has an air leakage of 2sq ft. hole. That’s like running your air conditioning system with the window half way open 24hrs a day. If you could pinpoint the leaks and seal them that would save you 5%-30% on utility cost & that’s just the beginning. The Audit will determine what home performance enhancements would be more beneficial to you. The auditor will analyze your energy bills, learn about your needs and wants, explain the audit process, conduct an energy inspection, assess the electrical for safety, perform a blower door test and analyze the finding to create your home performance evaluation. To find out what options are available in your area visit  

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