Many homeowners wait for their heaters to break down. In reality the dangers come before the breakdowns. When the heater ignites it causes a small explosion every time it comes on. One of the most important parts of your heating system to have inspected is your heat exchange. When the heating cycles on and off throughout the season it causes wear and tear on the heat exchanger cells over time, and cracks can form. Once the heat exchanger cell has a crack, you risk carbon monoxide exposure in your home. We recommend having a safety inspection for the health of your family to avoid any harm.

Mettering the amperage & performing a gas pressure test

Metering the amperage & performing a gas pressure test on a routine heating maintenance.

 Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating Offers Club Memberships.

Club Membership ensures your system is regularly maintained to cut back on future breakdowns or health hazards.

Oasis Air Conditioning also offers Free Estimates on unit replacements.

We offer financing with low interest rates as well as NO-Down Payment options with P.A.C.E Financing.

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